About us

Our Vision

At Lota Tea LLC, we envision a future where tea enthusiasts can enjoy exceptional tea experiences without compromising their values or the environment. As a company dedicated to tea, we believe in promoting responsible and sustainable practices throughout the tea industry. By fostering strong relationships with tea farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to ethical practices, we strive to create a lasting, positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our Values

Quality and Taste: At the heart of our mission is our unwavering dedication to providing high-quality teas that deliver exquisite taste and aroma. We meticulously select each tea variety, ensuring that every cup brewed from Lota Tea products offers a memorable sensory experience.

Sustainability: As a conscientious tea company, we recognize the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. We prioritize working with tea producers who implement eco-friendly farming methods and actively reduce their carbon footprint. By making informed choices throughout our supply chain, we work towards minimizing our environmental impact.

Ethical Sourcing: Our commitment to ethical sourcing is a cornerstone of our mission. We partner with producers who participate in the Ethical Tea Partnership, a global organization that works to improve the lives of tea workers, farmers, and the environment in which they live. Through this collaboration, we contribute to the ongoing effort to create fair labor conditions and protect the rights of tea industry workers worldwide.

Education and Transparency: Lota Tea LLC is dedicated to educating our customers about the world of tea, from the origin of each variety to the ideal brewing techniques. We believe that transparency in our sourcing practices is crucial for building trust with our customers and ensuring the highest level of product quality.

Community and Connection: Tea has the unique ability to bring people together, fostering connections and creating cherished memories. We are proud to be a part of our customers' tea journeys and strive to cultivate a sense of community through shared tea experiences.

Our Product Range

Lota Tea LLC offers an extensive selection of tea varieties to cater to the diverse preferences of our customers. Our product range includes:

  1. Classic Teas: Choose from time-honored favorites like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Darjeeling, crafted to deliver consistently exceptional taste.

  2. Green and White Teas: Delight in the delicate flavors of our carefully selected green and white teas, including favorites like Dragonwell, Sencha, and Silver Needle.

  3. Oolong Teas: Explore the captivating world of oolong teas with our exquisite collection, featuring varieties like Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao, and Ali Shan.

  4. Herbal and Wellness Teas: Embrace the benefits of herbal infusions with our range of wellness teas, crafted from premium-quality herbs, fruits, and spices.

  5. Organic Teas: Indulge in our selection of organic teas, certified by trusted organizations, ensuring the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

  6. Limited Edition and Seasonal Teas: Experience unique flavors and blends with our limited edition and seasonal offerings, available exclusively during select times of the year.

Join the Lota Tea Community

We invite you to become a part of the Lota Tea community and share in our passion for high-quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced tea. Connect with fellow tea enthusiasts, stay informed about the latest tea news, and enjoy exclusive promotions by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter.

Together, we can create a world where every cup of tea makes a difference.

You can learn more about the Ethical Tea Partnership here.

What is a "Lota"?

The Origin and Significance of "Lota"

The "lota" has a rich cultural history that spans centuries, transcending its humble role as a cup for serving tea. In fact, the word "lota" can be traced back to ancient Sanskrit, where it referred to a small, rounded pot or vessel. Traditionally made from metals such as brass, copper, or stainless steel, the "lota" has played a significant role in the daily lives of people across South Asia.

In addition to its use as a tea-serving vessel, the "lota" has served various purposes in Indian households, from carrying water for personal hygiene to being an essential component in religious ceremonies. The versatile and practical design of the "lota" has stood the test of time, making it an enduring symbol of South Asian culture.

Lota Tea: Celebrating a Rich Tea Tradition

At Lota Tea LLC, we embrace the "lota" as a symbol of the rich tea traditions of South India. The strong, sweet tea served in these small cups is a reflection of the region's unique approach to tea, which often incorporates spices like cardamom, cloves, or ginger, and is commonly sweetened with jaggery or sugar.

By naming our company after this iconic vessel, we pay homage to the diverse and time-honored tea customs of India and strive to introduce our customers to the flavors and rituals that have shaped the way tea is enjoyed in this part of the world.

The Lota Tea Experience: Savoring Every Sip

The experience of drinking tea from a "lota" is unlike any other. The small size of the cup encourages sipping and savoring, allowing tea drinkers to fully appreciate the complex flavors and aromas of each brew. By holding the "lota" by its rim, tea enthusiasts can feel the warmth of their beverage without burning their fingers, creating an intimate connection between the tea and the drinker.

Incorporating the "Lota" in Your Tea Ritual

To create your own authentic South Indian tea experience, consider incorporating the "lota" into your tea ritual. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Source Authentic "Lotas": Look for traditional steel or brass "lotas" from South Asian grocery stores or online retailers specializing in Indian products.

  2. Brew a Strong, Spiced Tea: To replicate the flavors of South Indian tea, brew a strong black tea like Assam or Ceylon and add your favorite spices, such as cardamom, cloves, or ginger. Sweeten the tea to taste with jaggery or sugar.

  3. Serve Tea in "Lotas": Pour the tea into the "lotas," filling them about two-thirds full. This will allow you to hold the "lota" by its rim without spilling the tea.

  4. Sip and Savor: Encourage your guests to hold the "lota" by its rim and enjoy the tea in small, leisurely sips.

By embracing the "lota" and the tea traditions it represents, you can create a unique and memorable tea experience that pays tribute to the rich cultural heritage of South India.


About the Owners

Our Journey: The Birth of Lota Tea

The story of Lota Tea began with our shared love for tea and the desire to create a business that would bring people together over a warm cup of this delightful beverage. Our passion for tea stems from our personal experiences and the cherished memories we've created while enjoying it.

For Vinay, tea has always been synonymous with family gatherings and heartwarming conversations in his hometown in India. It was during these moments, surrounded by loved ones and immersed in the rich culture of Indian tea, that Vinay developed a deep appreciation for the power of tea to foster connections and create lasting memories.

Meanwhile, Tara's journey into the world of tea began in Wichita, Kansas, where she worked at a small, family-owned tea shop while attending school. This experience not only expanded her knowledge of the various tea varieties but also allowed her to witness firsthand the joy that tea can bring to others. Tara found great satisfaction in helping customers discover new teas that resonated with their tastes and preferences.

As our paths crossed, we realized that our shared passion for tea could serve as the foundation for a meaningful and impactful business. Thus, Lota Tea was born, with the mission of providing high-quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced tea to the world.

The Lota Tea Philosophy: Passion and Dedication

At Lota Tea, we believe in the power of tea to transform lives and build connections. As a husband-and-wife team, our personal commitment to tea runs deep, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive the best possible tea experience.

Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing sets us apart from other tea companies. We source our teas from producers who share our values and participate in the Ethical Tea Partnership, ensuring that our products not only taste exceptional but also have a positive impact on the environment and the people who cultivate them.

We also understand the importance of education and transparency in the tea industry. As tea enthusiasts ourselves, we take pride in sharing our knowledge with our customers, guiding them through the fascinating world of tea and helping them find the perfect brews to suit their tastes.

The Lota Tea Community: A Family of Tea Lovers

At the core of Lota Tea is our community of tea lovers, who share our enthusiasm for high-quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced teas. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve our customers and to witness the transformative power of tea as it brings people together, creates memories, and enriches lives.

As Lota Tea continues to grow, we remain dedicated to our mission and to our passion for tea. We are grateful for the support of our customers and are committed to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the tea industry, one cup at a time.

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