Tea Friends

Tea Friends

 I met a new tea friend the other day. 

A New Friend 

Two people, each holding a cup of strong black tea set against a white table. The hand and wrist of each person is shown.

It was serendipitous making a new friend. Several people, myself included, were walking out of the building together chatting. I brought up that I am passionate about tea, actually all things tea, and that is when it happened. I was introduced to someone as “my friend who loves anything related to tea and is a specialist and tea guru.” I really don’t claim to be a “specialist” of tea. I believe there is always something to learn regarding tea. But back to the magic of friends. The minute I was introduced the other person exclaimed how they love tea and grew up with a family that had tea everyday. There was an instant connection, a synergy, a rapport between us. It was as if long lost friends had finally connected; there was so much to talk about in the brief time it took to walk to our prospective cars. 

Universal Beverage 

A man and woman sitting together on a couch. The man is playing the guitar and the woman is looking at him while holding a cup of tea.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Almost every society has some form of tea incorporated into their culture. Tea has been a consumable drink since 2727 BC, when China laid claim to first discovering tea. To me, part of the beauty of tea is its timeliness and sociable aspects. For approximately 5,000 years, tea has been enjoyed singularly, yet has been a beverage that has been shared among family, friends, coworkers, and alike. Tea has been a connection point, a common denominator, for people to gather around.

Timelessness Of Tea 

Two white teacups on a tray

Meeting a new friend is a great example of how I feel tea can be a timeless beverage and actually a timeless bridge to communication. I think talking about tea, or sharing a passion for tea, can bring people's past together, solidify the present in a friendship, and also carry the friendship along into the future. To me, tea is a neutral conversational topic that I have found spurs pleasant memories and aides in conversation points. One can always talk about their past experiences with drinking tea, or a special time tea was offered to them. The question “What is that iced tea you are drinking?” or “That hot tea smells delicious, what is it?” is always a favorable conversation starter for the day at hand. Tea can be an agent to propel friends into the future. “Let’s meet for a cup of tea” lends a launching point for future meetings, discussions, and connection points. All of which are centered around a cup of tea. 

The Future In A Teacup 

Two people sitting together in coats outdoors. Each is holding a white mug. A small black teapot is between them on a wooden table.

My new tea friend agreed to meet to discuss their family's collection of tea cups and tea pots. I look forward to having the honor of looking at the expansive collection of teacups and teapots. The past collection of teapots and teacups has centered our new connection on a discussion on all things tea. The viewing of the collection of tea equipage truly does propel our new acquaintance into the future. The beverage called tea, literally can be a timeless drink and a catalyst in forming a new friendship.

The relatedness for friendship can be as simple as a cup of tea,


About The Author

A photo of Leslie on the patio wearing a pink cardiganLeslie Sundberg is a World Tea Academy Certified Tea Specialist, a World Tea Academy Apprentice Tea Sommelier, a Specialty Tea Institute Level IV trained Tea Specialist, and a Tea and Business Etiquette Specialist. On any given day, Leslie can be found teaching, speaking or sharing in the joys of a cup of tea.  No matter what Leslie is doing or where she is, one thing remains constant: 4:00 in the afternoon is tea time!

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