Armchair Tea Travel

Armchair Tea Travel

A black-painted shelf behind a counter, containing steel containers of tea. The words "The London Tea Room" are written at the top of the shelf.

When I travel, I try to make time to stop in for tea wherever I may be. The hustle and bustle of the day disappears when I am seated at a table and enjoying my teatime treats and a cup of tea! Coupled with a walk in a garden; serenity for the taking!

A Garden

A close-up of two large white roses with dew drops.

I visited St. Louis, Missouri in late spring, and then again in summertime. I find peace and serenity in a garden. The Missouri Botanical Garden is my favorite botanical garden to visit. For me, a wonderful way to finish a morning of walking through a garden requires a stop for tea. I make it a point to stop at The London Tea Room in St. Louis, Missouri, after visiting the gardens.

Several lily pads in a pond, with a pink lotus flower.

Every season in a garden looks different due to different plants that are in bloom, different foliage, and different ground cover blanketing the ground. Each plant and bloom is unique and has its own specialness to me. The verdant hills and valleys, the abundant splashes of color in the garden beds and in the trees and on the ponds are a visual soother and comforter for my mind, body and soul.

A Cup Of Tea

A single-serving light blue teapot on a black table. In front of the teapot is an empty white teacup with a saucer and spoon. Next to the cup and saucer is a scone with raisins, jam, and clotted cream on a square plate.

I feel this way about my cup of tea as well. Each varied cup of tea soothes and comforts me. The heady aroma of the liquor, the intriguing delicate shape of the leaf, and the sublime and marvelous taste of the tea merge together to create a relaxing, cozy, warm, and pleasurable respite that fills me with a sense of well being.

A gray-green wooden shelf filled with teaware. All teaware is blue and white. The top shelf contains cups and saucers with varying designs, the second shelf contains a floral teapot surrounded by cups and bowls. The center shelf contains espresso-sized cups and saucers. The two bottom shelves contain bowls.

I enjoy my tea hot, even after a humid stroll through a garden! There are a few blends of tea that are a consistent favorite of mine; Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, and any Chai blend. True to myself, after strolling through the gardens in the springtime, when everything was in bloom, I chose a intoxicatingly floral and slightly vegetal aromatic blend of Jasmine tea for my cup of tea. A humid summertime stroll through the gardens was capped with a full bodied, and spicy citrus aroma of Earl Grey tea.

A close-up of a fluffy English scone with raisins. The top of the scone is golden brown.

Enjoy nature's bounty along with your Cuppa tea,

About The Author

A photo of Leslie on the patio wearing a pink cardiganLeslie Sundberg is a World Tea Academy Certified Tea Specialist, a World Tea Academy Apprentice Tea Sommelier, a Specialty Tea Institute Level IV trained Tea Specialist, and a Tea and Business Etiquette Specialist. On any given day, Leslie can be found teaching, speaking or sharing in the joys of a cup of tea.  No matter what Leslie is doing or where she is, one thing remains constant: 4:00 in the afternoon is tea time!

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