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  • Berry Delicious Tea
  • Berry Lavender Bliss Rooibos
  • Elderberry Tea
  • Goji Berry Oolong Tea
  • Lemon Ginger Rooibos
  • Lemon Spice Tea
  • Luscious Lemon Strawberry Tea
  • Mango Tango Tea
  • Orange Blossom Oolong Tea
  • Peach Apricot Tea
  • Peach Green Tea
  • Pina Colada Tea
  • Pomegranate Paradise Tea
  • Raspberry Honey Tea
  • Strawberry Green Tea
  • Tutti Frutti Tea
  • Zesty Tulsi Tea
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Fruity Sample Pack

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If you love fruity tea, this sample pack is for you! From raspberry to strawberry to peach, there are a variety of flavors for you to enjoy! Each sample makes approximately 4 cups of tea.

Sample pack includes:

  • Berry Delicious Tea: An herbal tea with the goodness of berries in every sip!
  • Elderberry Tea: A black tea enhanced with the brightness of dried elderberries
  • Goji Berry Oolong Tea: A light and flavorful "berry" special oolong tea
  • Lemon Ginger Rooibos: A sensational rooibos with the tartness of lemon and the "zing" of ginger
  • Lemon Spice Tea: A bright, tart, and warming blend of lemon, spices, and black tea
  • Luscious Lemon Strawberry Tea: Strawberry and lemon balm in a delightful light and refreshing black tea
  • Mango Tango Tea: An herbal tea bursting with mango flavor
  • Orange Blossom Oolong Tea: A blend of oolong and black teas complimented by bright citrus
  • Peach Apricot Tea: Black tea with peach and apricot pieces: summertime in a teacup!
  • Country Afternoon Tea: A light and refreshing blend of sweet peaches and premium green tea
  • Pina Colada Tea: An herbal tropical fruit tea with real pineapple and coconut
  • Pomegranate Paradise Tea: A delightful blend of tart pomegranate and sweet vanilla
  • Raspberry Honey Tea: A black tea with raspberry pieces and chamomile that is perfect hot or iced
  • Sweet Strawberry Tea: The perfect balance of sweet strawberries and premium green tea
  • Tutti Frutti Tea: A fun and exciting herbal blend of sweet fruits
  • Zesty Tulsi Tea:  Floral and peppery tulsi combined with citrusy orange and warming cinnamon

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