What Is Your Bliss Point?

What Is Your Bliss Point?

Black tea being poured into a small glass on a ceramic saucer with a red trim. The tea is being poured from a white ceramic teapot with a floral design.

During this reflective time of year, it is a great time to think about what brings you complete happiness, or bliss? 


Steam arising from tea in a steel cup. The background is intentionally blurred.

While reading an article about food, I came across a term that I was not accustomed to. It was the term Bliss Point. Ever curious, I decided to look up the meanings of the words. The word Bliss can be defined by Merriam-Webster as “complete happiness, paradise, Heaven.” is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the noun “sharp end, place, characteristic, or fact”, and as the verb “show, direct, make sharp.” In my summation the word Bliss Point can be summarized as the place or fact of complete happiness. 

While researching the definition of Bliss Point , I noticed there were two definitions for Bliss Point.One definition related to economics, the other related to the food industry. The term Bliss Point in economics is defined by Wikipedia as “the amount of consumption which maximizes utility in the absence of budget constraints.” Breaking this down into basic terms, I take this definition to mean … how many pieces of chocolate I would be able to eat before I would become less satisfied with the chocolate or disinterested with the chocolate and stop eating the chocolate altogether, if money were no object. That bliss point would be the maximum amount of chocolate consumed before the scales are tipped and the momentary chocolate consumption is no longer a pleasing experience for me. 

A pair of hands in gray woolen mittens clutching a mug of strong black tea. Steam is arising from the mug.

In the food industry the term Bliss Point,per Wikipedia, is “the amount of salt, sugar, and fat in a food that optimizes deliciousness.” Again, chocolate can be a wonderful definition of a bliss point. Too harsh and astringent of a chocolate/caramel/nut confection may not create a bliss point for the consumer like a better balance of fat/sugar/salt could create for the consumer. Think of your favorite chocolate candy bar, and chances are the manufacturer of that candy bar struck the perfect balance of fat/sugar/salt to create a completely heavenly candy bar!

Blissful Tea 

Black tea is being poured from a small white teapot with gold trim into a white gaiwan with handles on either side.

Usually in a cup of tea the perfect balance of fat/sugar/salt is non-existent, unless, perhaps, using a creamer and a sweetener. But, bliss points can still occur surrounding tea without the addition of fat/sugar/salt additives. For example, a bliss point can occur with the perfect balance of umami, or the complete balance of a floral aroma and astringent mouthfeel. Another bliss point could be created while consuming a relaxing cup of tea while at the beach, or watching a sunset. A bliss point could be sharing a favorite tea blend with a loved one after a snowy walk in the park. A bliss point can occur with the aroma notes coupled with the first glorious sip of a heavenly tasting tea. Lastly, one of my favorite tea bliss points happens when the tea is fully steeped, the first pour of the tea occurs and the tea unveils itself with the heady steeped aroma and colorful liquor. That sensory and emotional anticipation of enjoying a fabulous cup of tea is a significant tea bliss point for me.

What are your bliss points with tea?

May your days be filled with bliss,


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A photo of Leslie on the patio wearing a pink cardiganLeslie Sundberg is a World Tea Academy Certified Tea Specialist, a World Tea Academy Apprentice Tea Sommelier, a Specialty Tea Institute Level IV trained Tea Specialist, and a Tea and Business Etiquette Specialist. On any given day, Leslie can be found teaching, speaking or sharing in the joys of a cup of tea.  No matter what Leslie is doing or where she is, one thing remains constant: 4:00 in the afternoon is tea time!

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I have been coming to the realization at 64…..I’m gonna survive! I don’t want only a beating heart…..but the recognition of all the amazing things ~ all around my journey! Each sunset, the new plants trying to break thru and start their lives! Darkness staying alittle less each day, and Light replacing the world with color, emotion and JOY! I love my tea for all of those moments!!


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